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The Education Awards



The Education Awards Gala is a competition aimed at promoting the people, projects and organizations that have had a significant impact on the Romanian educational system.

Through this project, the Dinu Patriciu Foundation wishes to award performance and to encourage competition and creativity in the field of education.
The contest can be attended by Romanian citizens (school students, university students, kindergarten teachers, elementary teachers, high school teachers, professors, researchers, librarians), non-governmental organizations and public or private education institutions.

Within the Education Awards Gala, the Dinu Patriciu Foundation offers prizes worth a total of 250,000 Euro for the 11 competition categories:  

1. School Student of the Year

2. Kindergarten/Elementary Teacher of the Year

3. Teacher of the Year

4. School of the Year (public or private schools, including high-schools)

5. Student of the Year

6. Professor of the Year

7. Faculty of the Year

8. Researcher of the Year

9. Librarian of the Year

10. NGO of the Year in Education

11. The best educational project

In 2010, the second edition of the Gala took place, in which 39 prizes were offered. To learn more about the winners, competition rules or the jury, please visit the program's website

Registrations for the third edition of the Gala began on June 15, 2011.